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The kitchen is a very important part of any home. It’s where most of the cooking takes place. Kitchens also double up as areas for chatting and entertainment. In fact, most family members spend more time together in the kitchen than in any other room. Furthermore, a kitchen has a significant impact on the value of a home. The importance of having a perfectly designed kitchen can’t, therefore, be overlooked.


That’s where More Than Lofts come in! We are experts in making kitchens functional and attractive. We specialise in all types of kitchen designs from classic to contemporary without compromising on functionality. Your ideal kitchen design should incorporate all kitchen applications thinkable.


The design should also be affordable. We have established strong relationships with England’s leading top Kitchen manufacturers; Howdens, Magnets & Benchmarx Kitchens which is why we are able to guarantee high-quality services and affordability.


Our kitchen installation services include but aren’t limited to; worktop fitting, plastering/re-boarding, worktop fitting, plumbing, decoration and all electrical work. We offer full kitchen installation services.

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Kitchen fitting and design ideas

If you’re looking for some kitchen fitting and design inspiration, look no further. Below are kitchen design ideas as well as practical guides to help you design your kitchen perfectly whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling your old one.

Small kitchen ideas

We all wish for large kitchens with ample space. However, most people have small kitchens. In reality, we must make the best use of the space we have so, what should you do if you have a small kitchen?


a. Start by getting rid of clutter

To get the best out of a small kitchen, you must get rid of what you don’t need as well as anything that takes up more space than necessary i.e. wall cabinets and open shelves. You should have just enough wall cabinets and open shelves. Also, get rid of storage spaces with clutter or nothing in them. Kitchen worktops should also be free of clutter. You can consider clever solutions such as wall-mounted rails for hanging pans, mugs, jars, etc.


b. Consider a simple kitchen scheme

Simple schemes can make small kitchens look bigger. For instance, keeping the walls white will make your kitchen look larger. Adding sleek contemporary details is bound to create even more space. You should also utilise minimal designs and reflective materials. For instance, choose composite, stainless steel or white stone worktops. Frosted glass or white cabinet doors are also a great choice when coupled with white splash back tiling.

U-Shaped kitchens

If you have a U-Shaped kitchen, you can incorporate more practical kitchen layouts. U-shaped kitchens can accommodate additional storage as well as appliance space, unlike L-Shaped or gallery kitchens. U-shaped kitchens work well on large as well as small spaces. You just need to ensure you have at least 2 meters of ‘’moving around’’ space between opposite banks. U-Shaped kitchens match perfectly with the golden triangle design concept.


When you start designing, ensure your fridge, cooker and sink are at least 120 cm and 270 cm away from each other to allow safe, practical and time-efficient use of space. Your kitchen window should be at the ‘’U’’ end giving you a great view of your outdoors while you wash up everything. U-shaped designs also work perfectly with kitchen diner ideas. You can incorporate your kitchen table and chairs at the opposite end of the ‘’U’’ shape. To get a perfect look, match the tabletop with your worktop.


You should be guided by the light levels as well as the size of your kitchen when deciding your preferred style, look or colour scheme. For smaller spaces featuring a central window, consider a large white scheme. Modern hi-gloss units are perfect for raising light levels. Stainless-steel surfaces and glazed tiles can also help you achieve the same result. Larger spaces can accommodate deep colour comfortably as well as dark wood finishes and pattern.


Seamless kitchen & living space

If you have an open-plan space that fuses the living room and kitchen together, choose a kitchen style that can be easily adjoined to the living room seamlessly. Pale-wood and white glossy kitchen designs work perfectly because there is plenty of living room furniture that complements this look. For the best outcome, consider handless cabinets because they tend to blur lines between open-plan kitchens perfectly.

Designing tricky kitchen spaces

Compact kitchens present unique design challenges. By utilising clever kitchen designs, you can utilise every single inch of your kitchen.


More Than Lofts has clever kitchen designs, tips, and tricks bound to help you navigate the most awkward kitchen spaces to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. We have countless space-saving ideas from floating shelves to freestanding appliances. Let’s reveal to you the secrets to getting the best out of the trickiest kitchen spaces.


You can start by choosing accessories carefully. Go for accessories which complement your kitchen scheme. You should also use contrasting materials to create a striking look. Don’t forget to be adaptable to be able to create the most inspirational and fun layouts. Stylish freestanding furniture also goes a long way. A multifunctional worktop will also come in handy. You should also free up your floor space. Tuck your kitchen stools neatly under your kitchen table when they are not being used.


Slimline cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are available in all shapes and sizes so, they shouldn’t be a cause for concern when designing kitchens. Slimline cabinets come in handy when you want to store tall bottles. They fit perfectly next to regular cabinets bordering appliances so, chances are, you can always add extra storage space.


Wall rack

A wall rack also comes in handy when you want to add storage space. Wall racks are great for utilising wasted storage space. You can place small kitchen essentials on your wall rack to increase your access to them i.e. instead of storing them inside large cupboards.


Alcoves are great kitchen features for creating a stunning focal point. Range cookers look great when slotted into alcoves. The same applies to kitchen utensils like pots and pans as well as dry ingredients. Instead of adding a large shelve, an alcove will come in handy in many ways.


Built-in wine racks

To avoid clutter in the kitchen, consider a built-in wine rack instead of regular wine racks which take up precious space. Built-in wine racks also add style. Furthermore, they work in all types of kitchens.


Sloping walls

If your kitchen has angled walls or a sloping ceiling, don’t worry. The resulting space underneath is perfect for running extra worktops. You can also place your oven or sink on such space. You should, however, ensure you have a reasonable amount to headroom. If not, use such space solely for storage.

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