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Handmade Carpentry tailored for you

More Than Lofts offers more than loft conversion services. We also deliver bespoke carpentry to the highest of standards. Our woodwork is made to measure to match the application or usage perfectly as well as the look a person wants. Bespoke furniture can be defined as highly customised furniture that matches the tastes and preferences of a person perfectly.


When might our tailored carpentry be most valuable?

You may require bespoke carpentry services when you have special furniture needs. For instance, if you need a closet with a specific; height, length, width, shape, type of wood, number of shelves, drawers and hangings, you are better off seeking bespoke carpentry services instead of buying regular furniture. Bespoke carpentry is made just the way you want it.


Bespoke furniture is also perfect in unique spaces. It is great for utilising unique spaces like walls next to a chimney, space under the bed, space above counter tops, in corners, etc. that require special types of joints. You may want to utilise such spaces, but there is no ready-made furniture to help you do that. In such instances, you have to seek custom carpentry services. That’s where More Than Lofts comes in.


Bespoke carpentry services also come in handy when you want furniture that accommodates special belongings. Regular bookshelves may be too small or too big for you. You may also have poorly designed kitchen countertops that don’t fit your appliances perfectly.


Bespoke carpentry services are also ideal when you want a certain look. If you want your furniture made using a specific type of wood, colour/s among other features, bespoke carpentry services will work perfectly for you.

Our difference

At More Than Lofts, we allow our customer’s imagination to run wild. If you can visualise it in your mind, we can create it for you. We have the best carpentry professionals in the business capable of making all kinds of bespoke furniture from; free-standing/fitted furniture to furniture for total renovation, refurbishment, and restoration featuring any type of wood. If there is a particular type of wood or material you’d like to use we’ll advise on whether it would suit the requirements.


Our carpentry professionals can help you prepare sketches. They can also offer additional guidance on how to turn your furniture dreams into reality. Whether you want fully fitted wardrobes and shelving or wood flooring made to measure and match other furniture, More Than Lofts will get the job done. CALL US and get started today.



We have been in business for ten years now establishing an unmatched reputation and strong relationships. We have strong partnerships with companies like Jordan’s Wood Flooring (based in Summerstown) which allows us to offer high-quality wood flooring services at fantastic prices.


We also offer all our services in-house. More Than Lofts doesn’t subcontract. This allows us to guarantee high-quality services always on every job. We have all the carpentry expertise we need in-house.


We also offer free quotes. More Than Lofts won’t charge you for consultations. We don’t pressure our clients to work with us either after offering free quotes. Get a free no-pressure and no-obligation quote today.


Top benefits of bespoke furniture/carpentry

Greater stylistic flexibility: Bespoke furniture services help you get furniture that reflects your personal style. As long as you work with bespoke carpentry experts like More Than Lofts, there is no limit to the kind, shape or style of furniture you can make for your home. Bespoke furniture services eliminate limits present in traditional furniture making.


Perfect fit

There are very many unique spaces in homes today which lack ready made furniture. Choosing bespoke carpentry services allows you to utilise any space in your home.


We can engineer all types of joints from mitered to mortise and tenon joints to offer you furniture that fits perfectly in any space.


Furniture reproduction

If you have seen antique furniture that you like and you want similar furniture without having to pay a fortune, bespoke carpentry services are perfect for you.


More Than Lofts can reproduce any antique furniture you come across at a fraction of the price. We just need photos and your input. We have the expertise and all types of wood at our disposal.


You don’t have to settle for standard furniture or carpentry. Choose bespoke carpentry experts like us and get the most unique, perfect-fit and stylish furniture you have always wished for.

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