Bathroom Fitting

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Bathroom Fitting

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home! You could be using and enjoying the luxury of a newly designed and fitted bathroom. We have a very experienced team of  installers ready to complete bathroom projects of any size or complexity. Bespoke designs through to simple replacement fittings are all handled with the same care and attention to detail. The porfolio of services include full design, remodelling, plumbing, electrical services, decorating and tiling with marble, granite, limestone and ceramic tiles.


Importantly, the final handover includes full certification and a written 5 year guarantee.


More Than Lofts have a very close relationship with one of London's leading Plumbers Merchants, Tucker French and are  very happy to supply all of your plumbing and heating supplies at discounted prices.

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A Guide to Bathroom Fitting and Design

Are you looking to design your dream bathroom but you don’t know where to start? If yes, look no further! Designing bathrooms can be a daunting task given the numerous options you have as well as the time, effort and money you have to invest in the project. Your bathroom also needs to be functional at the end of it all. Below is our expert guide to help you design your dream bathroom without blowing your budget.


Bathroom designs

When choosing the best bathroom design, the most important thing to consider is the application. Do you want a family bathroom? If yes, you need to think about bathroom designs that offer ample storage space. You also need to think about what serves you better (a shower or bath). It is better to install a standalone shower than a bath you will rarely use. However, there is nothing wrong with installing both if you want flexibility.


If you are designing a bathroom for relaxation purposes, a freestanding bath is the best option. You can consider installing candle and magazine holders to give your bathroom a more luxurious feel. Ample storage space always comes in handy regardless of the bathroom application you have in mind so, consider installing enough storage cupboards. To free up precious bathroom space, consider incorporating storage space on your bathroom walls and underneath sinks instead of using floor space.


If you are looking to design a bathroom that you can share with your spouse, consider dividing your bathroom into two sections. For instance, you should have two basins and storage areas to make getting ready easy. However, don’t forget to create shared spaces that are unique to both of you. A decent-sized mirror will also come in handy.

Bathroom Ideas

To design your dream bathroom, you need some great bathroom ideas. Bathroom flooring and tiling is a great place to start. When it comes to bathroom flooring, you can consider just about any kind of bathroom flooring you like as long as you consider waterproof flooring which doesn’t get extremely slippery when wet.


Marble or granite are great bathroom flooring types if you are willing to spend. If you’re on a budget, sheeted/tiled vinyl or wood-effect laminate will come in handy. If you’re looking for bathroom flooring that is very practical but offers an ultra-modern effect, concrete bathroom flooring will work perfectly for you.


There is nothing wrong with choosing a hardwood floor for your bathroom; however, you must treat it to make it suitable for bathroom applications. Furthermore, hardwood flooring should never be left wet for long. To create a cozy touch, you can consider adding underfloor heating. Underflow heating is also great for keeping the bathroom floor dry which prevents accidents and the development of mold.


You should use tiles on your walls (especially on the walls surrounding your shower and/or bath). To get a streamlined look, consider using the same tiles for your bathroom floor and walls. There are many bathroom wall tile options to consider. You can choose tiles made of natural stone, glass or ceramic for the perfect look. Matt or gloss bathroom tiles also come in handy. You can also consider using small mosaic tiles with large tiles to make small bathroom space feel larger.


Bathroom tiles are great for making statements. Bold tile colors have a great impact. You can use them sparingly or abundantly to create the perfect statement without blowing your budget.

Updating your bathroom on a budget

If you just want to update your bathroom because you can’t afford a new one, there are many options/tips for you. It is possible to have a fresh new bathroom without having to buy new sanitary ware.


Cleaning and regrouting

You need to give your bathroom a thorough cleanup if you want to update it perfectly without spending a lot of money. If your bathroom grouting is moldy, use a specialist cleaning product. Such products are readily available in supermarkets as well as DIY stores. If your cleaning product doesn’t give you a perfect outcome, use an anti-mould grout-reviving pen. You can also consider redoing the grouting altogether. When you choose this option, use a sealer to prevent mould growth and staining in the future. You should also consider keeping your bathroom dry at all times after showering going forward. You can install an extractor fan to speed up the drying process.


Decorating your bathroom

You can decorate your bathroom perfectly on a budget by using specialist tile paints. You can also use board panels to achieve the same outcome. Waterproof boards can be secured easily to bathroom walls. They are also available in many designs that are bound to create any outcome imaginable. Some waterproof boards go as far as adding effects to tiles. You can also consider changing your bathroom paint to create a fresh new look. However, remember to use anti-mould, gloss paint.


Bathroom accessories

Adding bathroom accessories also goes a long way. After cleaning, regrouting and decorating your bathroom, it’s time to add accessories. You can buy new blinds or curtains. A new shower curtain also does the trick. New door handles, hand towels, soap racks, and mirrors can also work wonders.


Bathroom DIY

If you don’t want to spend too much updating your bathroom, but you want serious work done, you can consider doing everything yourself. For instance, you can change bathroom fittings and fixtures without hiring a remodeling professional. There are plenty of bathroom DIY tutorials online to guide you. However, if you consider this option, ensure you adhere to current building regulations especially if you are planning on doing significant structural modifications to your bathroom. If you are modifying/changing your bathroom drainage, ventilation, electricals, etc., you must adhere to building regulations applicable to your areas. You can conduct an online search to discover building regulations applicable to your area.

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